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Qwarul is an online debating platform for voice debating. We allow you to debate with your voice, just like you would in real life. With Qwarul, you can participate in competitions, presidential elections, parliamentary debates and MUN conferences. All of that, for free.

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With Your Voice

Start debating online just like you would anywhere else with Qwarul. We enable debaters like you to debate online easily, in a team or alone, with our randomly selected motions every 30 minutes. Start debating online now!

Prove Your Ability in Tournaments

Our tournaments take place every 4 months and give you an opportunity to prove your debating skills to the world. Beat your opponents with your superior skills in the next tournament!

Take Part in Our Competitive Debates

We enable users to take part in competitive debates. These are judged by our community, and give Qwarul Debate Points to those voted for! This then enables for users to debate with other users of their debate ability.

qwarul editions

Take Your Debating One Step Further

Our Qwarul Editions™ enable you to to escape into a different world – you can become a senator, the Qwarul president or a UN delegate and debate exactly like them! 

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Voice Debates

Immerse yourself in debates spoken out loud - one of the best debating experiences you can find around.


Prove your debating skills to the world in one of our debate tournaments every 4 months, judged by the best.

Great Motions

Randomly selected motions every half hour provide you with quality debates and lots of great entertainment.

qwarul editions


Want to spice up your debating? Go to our editions to debate like a lawyer, politician or delegate for some extra fun.

Competitive Debates

Compete with other users for an added layer in your debating experience and feel the thrill of coming first!.

Debate Community

Our debate community is growing as you read this - and we want you to be another one of our debate fanatics.