Take Your Debating One Step Further

Want to spice up your debating experience? Try our Qwarul Editions! Create and manage your own electoral campaign and participate in presidential debates, make laws and vote on new policies in a parliament or become a UN delegate to solve world issues.

qwarul editions


politics edition

Politician's Edition

Great news! You have been selected to run for president. What would you like to change? Give a few persuading speeches and participate in 3 legendary presidential debates!

senator edition

Senator's Edition

Great news! You have been elected to represent your Qwarul constituency in the parliament. Debate on new policies and come to a conclusion with a vote after a session of law making!

delegate edition

Delegate's Edition

Great news! Your country has selected you to be their delegate in UN conferences. Participate in many conferences while striving to solve world issues with your skill as an orator!