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Our tournaments take place every 4 months and give you an opportunity to prove your debating skills to the world. Beat your opponents with your superior skills in the next tournament!

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Qwarul’s format for its parliamentary style tournaments provides an ideal opportunity for you to prove your wit to the rest of the world. With 256 people participating in 128 different teams, these online tournaments are the largest for any debate platform – it is also perfect for socialising with other debate fanatics. The reward for winning a tournament is 2500 Qwarul Debate Points – enough to buy another tournament ticket and all the editions! Its competitive nature means that the top 2 teams out of the 4 are kept on to the next round, so make sure to try your hardest every round! We give you the opportunity to sign up with a friend or family member easily if you want to. Judged by our experienced staff, the debates will last 34 minutes – 10 minutes of preparation, then 3 minutes per speaker. Protected time will last 45 seconds at the start and end of each speech. To find out how to debate well in the parliamentary style, check out our article to maximise your chances of winning. There are 3 tournaments a year: one in January, one in May and one in September. We hope to see you soon in one of our tournaments – just click on the button below to sign up.